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  • The predecessor of Jiangsu Juli Gear Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980. After more than 30 years of development and growth, it has become a key backbone enterprise in China's gear industry, and has become the designated drafting unit of the industry standard of China Gear Association. Large-scale professional manufacturer and export base of spiral bevel gears. The company has a "National Enterprise Technology Center", which consists of a technical management department, a process engineering department, a gear research institute, and a testing and testing institute. It has successively established technical partnerships with internationally renowned gear research and development institutions such as SMT and GIF. Existing complete sets of production lines such as Gleason in the United States, Klingenberg in Germany, spiral bevel gear milling machine in Germany, Gleason spiral bevel gear grinding machine, etc., multiple sets of Ipsen controllable atmosphere multi-purpose furnace heat treatment production lines, complete testing methods, Equipped with Gleason gear measurement center, ultrasonic flaw detection, magnetic particle flaw detection, German imported spectrometer, Zeiss CMM and other testing instruments. The machinable module specifications cover 1-40, the machinable diameter is ¢2000mm, the diameter of the spindle through hole can reach ¢320mm, and the transmission ratio is between 1:1-1:10.
        With an experienced team and superb manufacturing capabilities, the company can survey, design, and process various non-standard special spiral bevel gears according to the technical parameters provided by users. Advanced production equipment and complete testing equipment are sufficient to ensure the reliability of quality. The company's products have excellent performance, reasonable prices and short manufacturing cycles, and are well received by users. Since its establishment, starting from management innovation and technological innovation, the company has taken the lead in the industry to apply lean production and informatization construction to the entire enterprise management process, and has achieved good economic benefits and social influence. It is unique in the domestic gear industry and is well-known. At home and abroad, adhere to the development path of "invigorating enterprises with science and technology" and "strengthening enterprises with science and technology", with "diligence and pragmatism, pioneering and innovative" as the enterprise spirit, "honesty-oriented, people-oriented" business philosophy, with "building a first-class enterprise, creating "Famous and high-quality products" as the goal, the forging ahead giant, like the surging Yangtze River, takes the industry to serve the country as the feeling, and wholeheartedly provides better products and services for new and old users at home and abroad, sincerely welcome you to become our friend.


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    • Yes, you can customize processing with samples and drawings
    • Dear, our company's spiral bevel gear grinding machine is from American Gleason Company, which is the most advanced and reliable in the world, and the precision can reach DIN3!
    • Bevel gears are a very important type of mechanical transmission. Flat keys, semicircular keys, and oblique keys have the same functions, all of which transmit mechanical torque. However, the bevel gear has a longitudinal keyway on the surface of the shaft. The pinion gear also has a corresponding keyway, which can keep rotating synchronously with the shaft. While rotating, some can also slide longitudinally on the shaft, which is very powerful.
    • The purpose of quenching the bevel gear of the reducer is to carry out martensite or bainite transformation to obtain martensite or bainite structure, and then tempering at different temperatures to greatly improve the strength, hardness and wear resistance of steel , fatigue strength and toughness, etc., so as to meet the different use requirements of various mechanical parts and tools, and can also meet the special physical and chemical properties of some special steels such as ferromagnetism and corrosion resistance through quenching.

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