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Special gears for high-speed trains

Aero engine bevel gear

Bevel gear for aviation helicopter

Vertical Mill Spiral Bevel Gear

Marine spiral bevel gear

K series reducer bevel gear

Industrial robot joint spiral bevel gear

Cone Crusher Spiral Bevel Gear

Sizing machine frame bevel gear

Bevel gear series of high speed wire rod mill

Petroleum machinery side mixer bevel gear series

Concrete batching plant reducer bevel gear series

Textile machinery bevel gear series

Various marine propeller bevel gear series

Centrifugal separator bevel gear series

Front and rear axle Wheel loader bevel gear series

High frequency welded pipe/stainless steel welded pipe, bevel gear series of cold forming machine

DCY, DBY hard tooth surface reducer bevel gear series

cone crusher gear

Marine propellers, rudder paddles, lateral thrusters--arc bevel gear series

reducer gear

Sizing machine rack gear

Spiral bevel gear for tobacco machinery

SEW reducer gear, SEW reducer accessories

High-precision gear machining

gear machining, machining gears

Internal gear machining

Large cylindrical gear ground bevel gear

Jiangsu Juli Gear Co., Ltd.

Fax: 0523-87361868

Mobile: 13805266015

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Address: No. 53, Chenghuang West Road, Heshi Town, Taixing City

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